Project simLT (simulation of large terrain)


This project has been developed as part of my dissertation. The topic has been "Handling and visualization of huge terrain-data". I have read alot of papers about the different kinds of terrain-data, existing formats for this data and about existing terrain-render-algorithms. All this can be found in my dissertation.

simLT has been developed to show certain aspects of my dissertation. It's not complete yet, but here is a list of the properties that i have implemented so far:

The following is a list of future improvements that are still lacking:


Here are a couple of screenshots:

First the simple water

Then the complex water

Same picture as above but with different parameters for the athmospheric light scattering

And finally a overview of the whole map

These two shots show the same scene without and with the indexbuffers to avoid gaps


Usage of simLT:

cursorkeys move around
W move up
S move down
1 toggle bounding boxes
2 wireframe view
3 toggle avoid gaps
keypad 9 make sun stronger (brighter)
keypad 3 make sun weaker (darker)
keypad + make fog stronger
keypad - make for weaker


If you have further questions feel free to contact me!