Other projects

Here is a short list of other projects that i have been working on:

webbased application to keep track of software licenses
  • done for a firm while doing my practical semester
  • should give an overview of the existing software licenses in the firm
  • quickly see who is using what software and ability to easily change the entries
  • serverside application uses Java servlet and MS SQL database
  • clientside application is a Java applet running in a webbrowser
  • communication through http protocol
  • well documented because the firm is using it and still keeps improving it


recreation of a software in C++ because the old one was buggy and based on Visual Basic
  • an application to plan new projects, check project standings and compare those to the planning
  • different kinds of statistics for a project, list of projects or all projects
  • my program focuses on the times needed for certain steps of a project
  • works together with another tool that focuses on the money part
  • MFC-based with MS SQL database
  • GUI-driven which means it consists of many dialogs
  • Optimized sql-queries to make it possible to use it over an ISDN connection
  • printing of the statistics done using "List & Label" with my own created templates
  • source code well documented because the firm using it was buying the source code


writing a NV2x backend for a 3D rendering engine
  • engine is based on OpenGL
  • has different optimized paths for different video cards
  • i have optimized the NV2x code path (Geforce3/4) using register combiners
  • per pixel specular bumpmapped surfaces with attenuated lighting
  • only needs 2 passes per light


  • small test-application to try out the A* path finding algorithm
  • graph based
  • only a small console application that generates a random maze and finds the best route between 2 points


writing two modules for a 3D design application
  • COSMOS is an application to create and manipulate 3D objects
  • developed at my university (TU Ilmenau)
  • i wrote a modul that shows the scene graph of the current scene and lets you adjust certain parameters on all objects
  • second module is a dialog to control the connection to VARIO (a Java based tool to connect all kinds of input and output devices)
  • GUI has to be platform independent so using FOX
  • everything documented in a 20+ pages paper


work on a 3D engine together with a friend
  • uses DirectX 8
  • easily extensible
  • import of .x files and md3 files
  • objects form a scene graph where each node can have an associated transform-method
  • integrated particle engine (snow, fog, sparks, smoke, bubbles)
  • basic physics for collision detection and response
  • landscape rendering using ROAM
  • terrain generation with diamond square algorithm
  • water animated with vertex shader, reflecting the skybox
  • trees rendered as billboards


work on a small tool to detect running games in a LAN and display of inofrmations about the running game
  • scans the LAN, looking for a list of known multiplayer games
  • connects to the games and asks for information
  • i wrote the parser for this information (number of players, running map,...)



These are the main projects i have working on in the past couple of years. If you want to have more information for a particular project feel free to email me.
Thank you for your attention!