H323 Client

I have created this little tool as a test to check out audio/video-conferencing using the H323 protocol. This will be included in an application that i help developing.
It's based on the public openh323 library, which handles the connection, audio/video-capturing and transfer. But that library can't visualize the transfered video
on the windows platform and that's why i had to extend it.

To display the video i had to write my own PVideoOutputDevice, a class that's part of the openh323 library. I decided to use DirectShow to display the video.
This gives me alot of advantages and saves me time. DirectShow uses a FilterGraph. This graph consists of different filters that take the input, tranform it and
finally output the result. There already exist filters that output videodata (video mixing renderer), so all i had to do was to write my own input filter that takes
the data from openh323 and passes it on to the renderer. This filter is independent of my client application so this project consists of these two parts:



future improvements:


So here two screenshots of the application:

This first picture shows the mainwindow. The video on the left is the remote video which is transfered from the remote caller. The right window shows
the PFakeVideoDevice, which was used because the standard capture device was already in use. Usually this video window shows your local video if enabled.

The second picture just shows the video dialog.


If you have further questions just email me. And come back to check for updates!